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Davey, Leah, Till Agency: Top 5 SEO Tips for 2022

We’ve been keeping close tabs on the latest Google updates, and we’re excited about the newest one: Multitask Unified Model, or “MUM.” Listen in as our in-house SEO expert, Leah, and Till Agency co-founder Davey discuss what the MUM update (and other SEO trends for 2022) mean for your business this year.

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Davey, Sarah, Till Agency: 5 Tricks for Writing Ad Copy That Works

Need to improve your ad copy? Join Davey and resident Till copywriter, Sarah Klongerbo, as they share 5 tips for improving your ad copy. Listen as Sarah and Davey explain how good ad copy starts with the call to action and why trying to speak to a broader audience won’t get you the results you’re looking for. If you’re wondering how the Till team approaches writing ad copy for clients, listen in.

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Davey, Jesse, Ryan, Till Agency: 5 Tips for a High Converting Landing Page

Wondering what it takes to have a well converting landing page? Two of Till’s founders Davey and Jesse come together in this episode to share what they’ve learned from troubleshooting hundreds of sales funnels. If you’re curious about what types of conversion rates team Till looks for, how to design your landing pages for conversion, or just not sure where to start, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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Davey, Jesse, Ryan, Till Agency: Troubleshooting Your Funnel

What do you do when your funnel is broken? Till founders Davey and Ryan come together in this episode to walk you through the steps you should take to troubleshoot your funnel. Ryan explains why your funnel may just be leaky-not broken, why a high CPM doesn’t always mean there’s a problem, and the easiest way you can improve your click through rate.

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Oh hey there!

We’re just three guys who came together around a love for funnels, email marketing, analytics, and Facebook advertising.

After years of building various businesses on our own, we decided to leverage that experience to build a different kind of ads agency. One that cares as much about our clients’ ‘big picture’ as the ad results we get them. After all, we all built businesses to find freedom and serve the world, right?

Oh hey there!

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