Top 3 Targeting Tips in a Post-iOS14 World

“Back when Facebook was rolling out these changes, they told us that it was coming. So we were able to compare for a couple months there and look at seven day attribution versus 28 day attribution. […]For webinar funnels and things like that, you’re losing potentially 50% of data off the bat.”

Ryan Askins

If you’ve been advertising online for the past few years (which, hey, we know you have been), you probably have big questions about how the game is changing after iOS 14.

iOS14 targeting tips

Wait a sec—refresh my memory on iOS 14

That’s the recent Apple update making it so users have to opt in to having their data tracked and stored. 

Before now, your smartphone and other devices were able to track your activity so that information could be used to show you targeted ads. But now, Apple isn’t doing that anymore unless you give permission. 

Because, privacy.

Here’s the thing: We could say this is unfortunate. After all, it makes it harder for platforms like Facebook and Google to target audiences for their advertising. 

But let’s look at it in a positive light. It’s making us rethink the strategies behind our advertising. 

Here are three ways we here at Till are making the most of a post-iOS 14 world.

In this episode…

  • [3:42] What changed with the iOS14 update
  • [5:45] How the iOS update affected ad campaigns
  • [9:27] Platforms other than Facebook that were affected by the update
  • [10:05] Why the Apple update doesn’t affect Google
  • [11:32] Why niche audiences are a bit less affected by the update
  • [14:47] Can conversion API circumvent iOS14?
  • [19:15] How good visuals can make a big difference in targeting
  • [23:47] What we’ve been seeing work well
  • [26:20] Why you should consider digging into micro-conversions 

5 Steps to Get Started with Google Ads

1. Own Your Audience

We no longer have the convenience of having Facebook say to us, “These are the people who are going to be interested in purchasing your product.” Instead, you need to find a way to build an audience of people you know are interested.

Lead gen becomes ultra-important here. If you can use digital ads to funnel in a large group of people who are interested in your industry, you can start targeting those people with ads for your specific product. 

Use the information you collect with your lead gen to build an email list or create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook.

2. Rethink Your Creative + Copy

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised — sometimes you don’t think as much about the creative and copy behind your ads when you’re relying on algorithms to show them to the right people.

Now, you need to make sure every ad is so appealing to your target audience that it catches their attention. Avoid things like stock photography in your creative or bland clichés in your copy. Get specific!

In fact, this is one of the reasons that niche audiences seem to be less affected by the changes in a post-iOS 14 world — these businesses were already catering to a very specific audience.

3. Test, Test, Test

The thing with advertising is that as soon as we think we know everything, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. 

A post-iOS 14 world is a reminder that we need to keep an open mind and continue testing different strategies to see what works. Getting comfortable isn’t a good thing when it comes to advertising.

If a Lookalike Audience isn’t working on Facebook, maybe it’s because of the time of year. If a lead gen isn’t attracting people, maybe you need a more aggressive offer. 

Always stay flexible and open to new ideas. You never know what approach is going to have the most success!

About Ryan and Jesse…

Davey’s superpower is making connections—whether it’s relationally (the kid loves to network) or connecting ideas. He obsesses over problems until they’re solved, and can’t help but constantly be testing out and learning new things. 

Jesse’s the guy we ask when a subject gets complicated. He’s great at figuring out ways to get things done–which may or may not be a direct result of his love of the outdoors. We figure if he can figure out a way to survive outside for long periods of time, he can pretty much figure out anything we throw his way. Of course, his experience building complicated attribution software doesn’t hurt either.

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