5 Steps to Get Started with Google Ads

“Whenever you try to get someone off of a social media platform to your website. There’s definitely a little bit more of a barrier, whereas Google they’re specifically looking for the best search result and they’re expecting to leave Google. So just the expectation is different.”

Janelle Adamson

Are you advertising on Google yet?

Because you should be!

If your business is set up to convert online — as in, you sell products, services, memberships, etc — you could skyrocket your conversions with Google Ads. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying them!

But, we get that Google can be a little more intimidating than, say, Facebook. 

So, to help you get started, here are our five steps to running great Google Ads right from the get-go.

In this episode…

  • [3:19] The benefits of advertising on Google
  • [5:06] Search platforms other than Google you might consider
  • [6:11] Kinds of businesses that tend to do well on Google
  • [8:26] Targeting options for Google ads 
  • [10:15] Should you replace Facebook or Instagram ads with Google ads or go with a blended approach?
  • [13:00] One of the biggest differences between Pinterest and Google 
  • [15:16] The first step to starting Google ads  
  • [18:56] Tips to get the best results on Google
  • [21:54] The number of Google ads you should run you’re starting out and when to adjust

5 Steps to Get Started with Google Ads

1. Choose (and optimize!) your landing page.

A click on a Google Ad isn’t going to help you if that person bounces from your website the second they land on it. Make sure you’ve not only chosen a page that’s relevant to your campaign goal, but also optimized that page so it presents an excellent experience for your audience. Remember that most searches are made on mobile, so your website MUST be mobile-friendly!

2. Conduct keyword research.

Think about what your potential clients or customers might type into Google to find you. Then do that exact thing, and see what comes up. You’ll get ideas from competitors (including what not to do!) as well as ideas for other related keywords you might want to target. Take things a step further by using the Keyword Planner tool built right into the Google platform to find your best ranking opportunities.

3. Consider what’s worked in the past.

Chances are, if you’re diving into Google Ads, you’ve run ads on at least one other platform in the past. Review those results to create a jumping-off point for your Google Ads. Although there are nuances to every platform, you’ll often find common threads for what works well (or doesn’t) across your copy, creative, targeting, budget, and more.

4. Focus on copy.

Especially for Search campaigns (where you ONLY have copy to work with), engaging copy is essential on Google. Write short, punchy, to-the-point copy with one goal in mind: get people to CLICK. This isn’t the time for cleverness; it’s the time for clarity. Bonus points if your ad copy aligns well with your landing page copy — you don’t want people to be confused once they do click through to your site.

5. Start small, give it time, and TEST.

Was that three steps? Oops. The point is to take things slow at the start, trying just two to four ads and a modest budget until you have more data to work with. Google recommends (and we do too!) waiting about two weeks until you start making any adjustments. Then, you can start testing different copy, keywords, campaign angles, and more. Rinse and repeat!

Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

We know Google Ads can seem overwhelming, but don’t let that keep you from trying them. Once you jump into the Google interface, it’s actually a lot easier than it seems. And there are a TON of resources out there to help.

…Like us! 😉 We specialize in Google Ads for our clients and would love to help you, too. Just schedule a free discovery call to ask with any questions you may have, and we’ll shoot you straight.

About Davey and Janelle…

Davey’s superpower is making connections—whether it’s relationally (the kid loves to network) or connecting ideas. He obsesses over problems until they’re solved, and can’t help but constantly be testing out and learning new things. That’s okay with us because we know those attributes lead to innovation and making sure our client experience is on point.. 

Have you seen A Beautiful Mind? That’s what we imagine it’s like to be inside Janelle’s head. If we have a diagnostic question about an account, we go to Janelle. She brings prior agency expertise to the Till Agency, and has become an invaluable resource demonstrating competency across platforms.

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