The Big Privacy Debate: Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It?

Where do you stand on the “Apple vs. Facebook” debate on user privacy?

(In case you forgot, earlier this year, Apple rolled out some big changes with its iOS14 system, allowing users to easily opt out of ad tracking in the name of privacy. Facebook, naturally, wasn’t jazzed about it. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.)

We aren’t here to comment on user privacy, per se (although, for the record, we believe it’s a good thing).

We’re here, as always, to provide you with sound marketing advice — whatever the current landscape.

So, now that it’s more difficult for businesses to target, attribute, and report on ads…

Are Facebook ads even worth it anymore?

The short answer: yes. 100%. 

Here’s why.

The game has indeed changed, with a reduced ability to target specific people and track their movement across the internet.

But Facebook isn’t going down without a fight. And its powerful platform still packs a punch.

The wealth of information that Facebook still has access to, even without the data from Apple users who have opted out of tracking, is mind-blowing. Trust us, you do NOT have to worry about finding your potential clients or customers on the app.

Attribution and reporting are not lost, either. With some clever workarounds (from simple ad-specific coupon codes to sophisticated attribution software), it’s still possible to have a very clear idea of how your ads are performing. 

In short, Facebook makes too much money to not figure this out for us. 😉

And with an agency that knows what it’s doing, you can continue to sit back and relax (or work harder on the things that only you can do) while we handle the entire ad process for you.

1. Have a clear idea of who your audience is and what strategic action you want them to take. Taking “shots in the dark” just won’t cut it anymore. Your ads need to be highly intentional.

2.  Be willing to trust the algorithm. The more free rein you give Facebook to optimize your ads for you, and the more you play within its rules and guidelines, the more success you will have.

3. Have a curious mind. As Facebook continues to adjust to new privacy updates (and users’ preferences), you must be willing to test, test, and test again.

4. Promote only products or services that have been proven organically. Facebook isn’t a magic pill. It can’t take a bad offer and make it succeed. 

5. Don’t be afraid to “kill your darlings.” Not every offer is going to work out, no matter how much time you put into it or how cool you think it is. If you’ve tested and tweaked and it’s still not working, you must be ready to shake it off and try something else. 

In the long run, this increased privacy really is better for everyone, and Facebook’s tools remain incredibly powerful. 

We’re just not playing the game on “easy mode” anymore.