Davey, Jesse, Ryan, Till Agency: The iOS 14.5 Update and the Impact it Has on Your Ads

I think that you have to remember that just because Facebook made changes doesn’t mean the goals of your business change. There are only so many ways to get in front of new customers that you have control over. Organic is one way, but you have very little control on the scalability of that. And a lot of times those strategies take time. And [that’s] why people start paid advertising specifically on Facebook. The way you do it may need to change a little bit, but the goals and the benefits of doing that remain the same.
Jesse Morquecho

Till founders Davey, Jesse, and Ryan come together in this long awaited episode to discuss what everyone’s been wondering: how will the iOS14 update affect the way we run ads? They share exactly what the new Apple policies mean, how it impacts reporting and results, and exactly what the Till team is doing to make sure their clients’ ads don’t get shut down. . 

If you want to hear more about why Apple’s new policies will affect more than just Facebook reporting and what you can do about it, listen in.

In this episode…

  • [01:44] Ryan explains what the iOS14 update is and why it matters
  • [03:37] Jesse shares how the iOS update affects more than just Facebook
  • [6:46] Ryan explains the impact that the update has had on data reporting
  • [8:12] Learn why Jesse doesn’t think affect of the Apple update means the end of Facebook ads
  • [8:57] Ryan talks about the Facebook changes that have been implemented as a workaround to the new Apple policies
  • [10:37] Learn some of the steps the Till team has taken to make sure their clients’ ads don’t get shut down
  • [12:40] Ryan walks through the exact steps to prioritize events in business manager
  • [15:02] Is digital advertising still worth it for the majority of businesses? 

About Davey, Jesse, and Ryan…

Davey’s superpower is making connections—whether it’s relationally (the kid loves to network) or connecting ideas. He obsesses over problems until they’re solved, and can’t help but constantly be testing out and learning new things. 

Jesse’s the guy we ask when a subject gets complicated. He’s great at figuring out ways to get things done–which may or may not be a direct result of his love of the outdoors. We figure if he can figure out a way to survive outside for long periods of time, he can pretty much figure out anything we throw his way. Of course, his experience building complicated attribution software doesn’t hurt either.

We call Ryan ‘The Engineer’… mostly because he’s actually an engineer who has managed complex civil projects that result in roads and highways that thousands of drivers depend on each year. But also because he’s the one building campaigns, studying metrics, and putting together reports. 

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