3 Things You Must Do to Keep Sales Going After Black Friday

You made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 💪

Ready for a nap yet? 

…Not so fast. 😉  BFCM may be over, but your work is just beginning!*

Here are three things you can do to keep those increased sales going strong through the rest of the year.

How to keep increased sales after Black Friday

1. Review (and learn from) your BFCM campaigns

First things first: let’s make sure BFCM really IS wrapped up for the year.

Check your advertising platforms to ensure all your BFCM ads are off (if your sale is indeed over). If you’ve extended the sale, your copy should reflect that, so people don’t think you’re accidentally running outdated ads.

Then, review and record the results. Did you see higher or lower costs than you were expecting? More or fewer sales than last year? Did one ad set or campaign angle vastly outperform another?

This part can be fun (or not 😅). Either way, it’s crucial to your future success.

Because once you know what works AND what doesn’t, you can use that knowledge to inform future campaigns — Black Friday related OR otherwise.

2. Keep communicating with your audience.

Sure, you probably sent a thousand emails and posted a million Stories leading up to Black Friday.

“My audience has GOT to be tired of hearing from me,” you might be thinking.

But they’re not! 

…Not if you still have interesting stuff to say, that is. 

Don’t bombard your audience with unnecessary emails, but don’t lose the momentum you gained over BFCM, either.

Whether you still have an awesome sale to promote or you have some valuable educational content to share, continue the conversation with your audience

That goes for ALL platforms you’re on — email, Instagram, YouTube, you name it.

Especially if you gained some new followers over the BFCM week (and we hope you did!), you’ll want to remind them of WHY they’re following you. 

Otherwise, when they see your name pop up in a month and wonder, “Who is that again??” — they’ll bounce.

3. Ride that BFCM wave all the way through the end of 2021!

So, just WHAT should you be communicating with your audience about? 🤔

In our last email, we shared two approaches to keep enjoying Black Friday success throughout December.

Here are your two options in a nutshell:

  1. Let your Black Friday sale continue. (But address the elephant: “We’re extending our sale!” or “Missed us on Black Friday? You can still get the savings — just use code AFTERBLACKFRIDAY at checkout!”)⁠
  2. Find a different buying incentive. (Play up a new angle, like holiday gifting, shipping deadlines, or a surprise discount every day until Christmas. Get creative!)⁠

Because here’s the thing: even after BFCM, people are still in a “gifting mood.” (Even if it’s toward themselves.😉)

So, give them something to “gift” about!

We have endless ideas about how to adjust your marketing post-BFCM.

In fact, last year, our clients saw higher volume and profit in all of Q4 than in Q1 to Q3. We’re talking a 25% increase in ROAS here!

So if you want in on some of those killer Q4 results, hit us up for a discovery call.

It’s not too late to finish the year strong!

P.S. We were half kidding about not letting you take a nap. If you’re exhausted, please REST! Self-care is more important than sales. 🤍  (And remember, you can always offload your marketing to us…)