Two Approaches to Keep Enjoying Black Friday Success Throughout December

We know you’re busy right now. You’re working hard to make it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

After that’s over… then what?

Well, then you’ve got the rest of the holiday season to push through. 

You’ve turned some holly-jolly somersaults trying to have a successful sale for the biggest spending day of the year, but what are you doing between Black Friday and December 31?

Don’t rest once BFCM ends. The entire fourth quarter is instrumental to your annual sales.

In fact, last year, our clients saw higher volume AND profit in all of Q4 than in Q1 to Q3. We’re talking a 25% increase in ROAS here!

So, how do you make the switch from Black Friday ads to holiday ads?

It should be pretty straightforward. There are two approaches you can take if you want to keep enjoying that profitable Black Friday success you just had…

How to continue results after Black Friday

Who says your Black Friday sale has to end once Black Friday is over? 

Plenty of brands start their Black Friday sales a week early. So why not let them run late? There’s no rule you can’t let your Black Friday sale go through the first week of December.

“Wait,” you think. “Then it’s just going to look like I’m running outdated ads, isn’t it?”

True. So play up the fact that this is a continuation of your Black Friday sale:

  • “We know you love Black Friday. That’s why we’re extending these savings an extra week!”
  • “Miss us on Black Friday? Don’t worry — the savings are still going strong!”
  • “Those hot Black Friday prices are still good with us, but not for much longer.”
  • “Our post-Black Friday sales are still here, and we’re letting you take advantage of them until December 10.”

You get the idea. 

People read “Black Friday,” and they automatically associate it with a good deal. They’ll be excited they still have a chance to take advantage of a sale they might have missed (or a sale that’s almost as good, or maybe a sale that’s even better).

Don’t be afraid to drive this even further by using a coupon code that reinforces the concept: AFTERBLACKFRIDAY, or something similar.

People buy on Black Friday because they know they’re getting a great deal. But they keep shopping all December long because… well, they’re in a gifting mood.

So if you don’t feel right continuing to push Black Friday, that’s okay. Put the emphasis on gifts, particularly if you can show how your products are an easy answer for a hard-to-shop-for recipient.

Remember you still need to create the crucial components of any sale, including urgency, limited supply, and high demand:

  • Push a shipping deadline to get people to shop early.
  • Offer a one-day discount that you don’t advertise until day-of. Sometimes discounts are like presents: they’re more exciting when they’re a surprise.
  • Do a countdown to Christmas by pushing a featured product every day of December. It’s up to you whether or not you want to offer special pricing on the item of the day.

Remember that not every purchase made during the holiday season has to be about giving. 

Just as they do on Black Friday, people make purchases in December for themselves, especially if those products are still tied back to celebrating in some way. 

Encourage people to treat themselves if it means looking their best at a holiday party, avoiding holiday stress, or cherishing holiday memories with loved ones.

Got more questions? Book a call!

We get that holiday ads (and sales) aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. That’s why we’d love to work with you one-on-one to figure out how you can implement all these ideas specifically with your brand.