Use Data to Find Fresh Content Ideas — Here’s How!

Fresh content on your website is a great way to keep the attention of your followers fixed on you. But how the heck are you supposed to keep coming up with ideas for fresh content week after week? 

You write a blog post, publish it, and watch the traffic come to your website… but then you have to recreate the same effect over and over again. Brainstorming content ideas can get stressful!

Hang on, though. There are plenty of ideas for content creation if you know where to look for them.

4 Ways to Create Data-Driven Content

Data shows that well-researched content ideas are much more powerful than some of the filler you might come up with if you’re just trying to brainstorm aimlessly. (Not that there’s anything wrong with brainstorming aimlessly — it just doesn’t always give you ideas that are as effective.)

Data-driven content is about creating content that…

  • People are searching for online
  • Will be of value to your followers
  • Demonstrates your value

If you’re going to create this kind of content, you need to start by asking yourself, “What do my customers — and my potential customers — want to know? And can I provide that information to them?”

Here are four ways to use data to your website’s advantage.

1. Look for Keywords

The most obvious method of finding data-driven content ideas is to use keywords as a prompt.

We’ve talked before about the benefits of keywords, especially in the way they boost your ranking with search engines. Keywords let you know what people are searching for online — that is, what people want to know when they turn to the all-knowing Google.

Take a resource like Google Trends for example. If you’re a wedding photographer, you might search “wedding photography” on Google Trends. You can even select what searches are trending in your area. At the time of this writing, for example, consumers in California were searching for “wedding photography prices” as one of the top searches — it was up 40% compared with the week before.

What could you write about when it comes to the topic of wedding photography prices? You could write a blog post about why wedding photographers set their prices the way that they do, or what exactly the cost covers. You could even write, from the perspective of somebody who sets their own prices, about how a customer can make sure they’re getting a fair deal from their wedding photographer.

2. Solicit Input from Your Customers

Sometimes you’ll get plenty of content ideas just from asking your customers what they want to hear. Do they have questions? Do they have concerns? What problems do they have that you, as an expert in your field, can solve for them just by providing information?

Let’s say you’re a wellness coach. Ask your customers what topics they’d like to have you cover. They might offer up specific suggestions like, “What foods should I eat for more energy?” or “How will I know if I’m not drinking enough water?”

If one customer has an interest in a certain topic, it’s a safe bet others out there do, too! Start creating content based on their questions.

3. Read What Your Customers Are Saying

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask — your customers (and potential customers) will be talking anyway. Heck, they might be more honest if they don’t think you’re paying attention to what they’re saying.

Browse through what your customers post on social media. Are they saying anything related to your field of expertise? If so, you can address some of their questions or comments in your upcoming content. (It’s up to you whether you want to address that specific customer directly, but we’d advise against it — keep your content directed at your general audience.)

Don’t forget to check your reviews or comments on recent posts you’ve made to social media. These can provide great content ideas as well.

4. Look At Your Competition

Your competition is always a great source of ideas, and we’re not just talking about the content they create. 

Tap into your competitors’ customers or followers the same way you would tap into your own. Are they leaving comments? Asking questions? Posting reviews? All of this is great insight into what consumers want.

And if you’re providing all this information on your blog, there’s a good chance your competitors’ followers will turn their attention away from them and toward you!

Stuck? We Can Help You Find Topic Ideas!

Finding ideas for content creation is an ongoing process. Just because you have 20 great ideas this month doesn’t mean you’re going to have 20 more great ideas next month. 

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.

If you’re trying to come up with great content but need input from someone who understands marketing, our team would love the chance to collaborate with you. Let’s schedule a discovery call today! Reach out right now and get started.

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