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ABOUT Shanna Skidmore

Shanna empowers creative entrepreneurs to feel secure in their finances and confident in the direction of their businesses. We helped her grow her email list through a lead magnet and webinar, and then convert those leads to customers at over 2,000% ROI.

The Challenge

Shanna’s programs are amazing, but competition (and costs) are high in her industry. Additionally, she was concerned about paid advertising coming off as ‘inauthentic.’ For her campaigns to have a positive ROI, she needed ads that not only generated leads and sales that kept costs low, but also to do it in a way that was true to her brand.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

We 20x our ad spend, $100k revenue as a direct result from less than $4k in ad spend. That’s incredible!

HOW WE SERVED Shanna Skidmore

The Process

Advertising Management
Through our extremely effective targeting, scaling methods and retargeting campaigns, we kept costs incredibly low while maximizing ROI.

Creative Development + Copy
Targeting an audience of creatives, the ad copy and creative we used was even more important than usual – and we saw an average click-through-rate of over 4%.

Strategy + Consulting
Since Shanna did not have paid advertising experience, we helped her navigate a strategy leading up to, during, and after her launch to maximize every dollar she spent on ads.

“Working with the team made all the difference and definitely changed my mind on Facebook ads. I wish I had done this earlier… Not only did it just feel good to see such audience growth in a short time with a short budget, the actual return on investment blew me away. We 20x our ad spend, $100k revenue as a direct result from less than $4k in ad spend. That’s incredible! If you’ve been on the fence about ads for any of the same reasons, I highly recommend working with the Till Agency.”

Shanna Skidmore

business strategist and financial coach

The Results


Cost per Lead


Cost per Webinar Registration


Total Lifetime Return on ad spend (ROI)

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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