April Whitney, Smalletics: The Riches are in the Niches: How a Petite Niche led to Strong Results

“Very concretely, we doubled our revenue, we doubled the number of clients, we doubled our conversions on everything across the board. Our launches doubled in size from the very first campaign we did together, so it was an incredibly apparent benefit from [digital advertising] and it far exceeded the initial investment.”

April Whitney, founder of Smalletics, a fitness and nutrition community for petite women, joins us on the podcast to talk about her marketing funnel from opt-in to cart-close, and how she encourages her list to get off the fence and take action.

Hear how April zeroed-in on this very specific niche, how she grew her business organically, and how digital ads have helped take things to the next level.

In this episode…

  • [3:06] What contributed to April’s success with social media advertising
  • [7:35] What’s Smalletics?
  • [12:30] How April started “sword fighting”
  • [13:31] April talks about how niching down made a difference in her business
  • [15:03] How April began to use organic engagement to grow her audience
  • [16:55] What April did to start turning her audience into paying clients
  • [17:55] The best thing April did to jump start her business
  • [19:11] How Smalletics evolved and why a low cost product offer might not be sustainable for everyone
  • [22:42] The marketing tool April uses to dominate her niche
  • [24:58] What April’s marketing funnel looks like after someone joins her email list and why it works
  • [26:40] How April encourages people on her list to take action during a live-launch
  • [29:12] How working with Till helped double April’s funnel revenue
  • [30:35] April’s biggest reservation to doing paid ads
  • [33:40] The worst business advice April ever received

About April Whitney…

April is the founder of Smalletics, a health company she started to support petite women—a majority, yet under-served group within the larger health community. As a 5’1″ petite woman herself, she experienced #shortgirlproblems firsthand throughout her entire life—from being judged and underestimated as an internationally competitive athlete in the sport of fencing, to having to ask my boyfriend for help retrieving that last sock out of the bottom of the dryer. 

As both an athlete, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she learned that everything is designed for those of average height—including some of today’s most popular fitness and nutrition programs, and even the machines at the gym.

April started Smalletics in order to provide reliable health information tailored for petites, as well as to build a platform for short female empowerment. Today, Smalletics is the collective voice of petite women who seek a healthy lifestyle.

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