Simple, Yet Effective Landing Page Tips

Whenever you are pushing traffic to a page where you want your audience to opt-in (or buy something), it can be very important that you send them to a page designed for that specific thing you are trying to get them to do.

That can be overwhelming to create these landing pages, especially if you’ve never done them before! But I have good news! Some of our highest converting landing pages are SUPER simple! Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating simple – but effective landing pages:

  • Don’t be scared to make a claim about what you are promoting can do! Have some confidence in your work!
  • Make every word count. Ask yourself, will this word/phrase/sentence help someone better understand what I’m offering AND make them more likely to take action? Could you say it in fewer words?
  • Keep the design simple. The fewer distractions there are, the more effective your landing page will be. You can still make your pages be on brand.c 
  • Make sure it is very clear what this page is all about at the quickest glance, and before the user has to click or scroll.
  • Tell them specifically what you want them to do, or what they need to do to get what it is you are offering.

Examples of Landing Pages

A SUPER simple landing page that converted 62% of traffic to opt-in:

A simple landing page that includes a little bit more text that converted over 50% of traffic:

And one more landing page with a little bit more info but still simple and still converted over 50% of traffic: