5 Tricks for Writing Ad Copy That Works

Sarah Klongerbo Podcast Episode on Stuff Marketers Say Podcast

“Keeping it short and sweet is probably the best thing that you can do when you’re writing ad copy. Whether you’re new to copywriting or you’re an experienced copywriter, the tendency is to want to insert our own ego in there and be witty or try out something new. We think that people want to respond to things that are completely new, when in reality, they want to respond to the familiar.
Sarah Klongerbo

Need to improve your ad copy? Join Davey and resident Till copywriter, Sarah Klongerbo, as they share 5 tips for improving your ad copy.

Listen as Sarah and Davey explain how good ad copy starts with the call to action and why trying to speak to a broader audience won’t get you the results you’re looking for. If you’re wondering how the Till team approaches writing ad copy for clients, listen in.

In this episode…

  • [3:57] Sarah describes key signs of a “good” brand voice
  • [8:47] Sarah shares the number one tip for ad copy that works
  • [10:00] Davey and Sarah explain why congruency in your ads is so important
  • [12:45] Learn why successful ad copy often relies on a good landing page copy
  • [14:34]  Sarah explains why being clear in your copy is more important than being clever
  • [19:36] Learn why narrowing down your target audience is key, not just in copywriting 
  • [22:55] Sarah shares why doing competitor research can be beneficial 
  • [27:46] Is clickbait really a bad thing? 
  • [28:07] Learn how to use numbers to capture your audience’s attention 
  • [32:51] Sarah shares something that will increase engagement – but she doesn’t really recommend you do it
  • [36:46] Testing your ad copy is the only way to know what works, Sarah explains 

About Davey and Sarah…

Davey’s superpower is making connections—whether it’s relationally (the kid loves to network) or connecting ideas. He obsesses over problems until they’re solved, and can’t help but constantly be testing out and learning new things. 

Sarah’s exactly the kind of copywriter you want working on your campaigns—she’s witty, creative, and understands what makes a story great. But what will strike you about working with Sarah is the way that she listens to understand what her clients want said (and how it should be said).

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