100 Scroll-Stopping Social Media Hooks for Course Creators

Want to stop your social media followers in their tracks? Here are 100 ways to create captivating posts that get them to engage with your content!
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    What’s a social media hook?

    You have a split second to grab someone’s attention before they decide to either engage with your content… or keep scrolling.

    How will you convince them your content is interesting enough to keep reading, watching, or listening to whatever you have to say?

    You need the right hook

    a statement, question, or promise that piques their curiosity.

    Hook your audience

    + increase your engagement today!

    Writing a great hook is the key to increasing your engagement on social media.

    Because once you’ve got your audience hooked… you can reel them into the rest of your content!

    Need some inspiration? Grab our list of 100 successful hooks you can plug-and-play into your next social post.

    Your content rocks. Let’s make sure people actually see it!